Reuse Nespresso capsules
Ottobre 24, 2016

Reuse Nespresso capsules

by in jewelry

I also made a star-shaped brooch. To make the tips I used a round tip tongs; the purple internal was done using another capsule (first I removed the silvery edge with the scissors). The purple internal and the brooch was glued with hot glue.

You need:

-Nespresso capsules







Step 1: Empty the capsules

Picture of Empty the capsules Reuse Nespresso capsules


Cut the edge of the capsules with a cutter and empty them.

Step 2: Crush the capsules

Picture of Crush the capsules Reuse Nespresso capsules


Crush the capsules with the hammer or something very durable (I used a jar).

Step 3: Fold in half

Fold in half the capsules.

Step 4: Make the holes

Hole the capsules with thumbtack.

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish Reuse Nespresso capsules
3.png Reuse Nespresso capsules


Insert the wire and the beads in the hole.

Close with hook.

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