How to reuse Newspaper: Baskets
Ottobre 15, 2016

How to reuse Newspaper: Baskets -Difficulty: very low -Time: 1 hour (without painting) You need: -newspaper -stick glue -stapler   Step 1: Fold the sheet Fold the sheets of the newspaper. I made strip of 3 cm width, using one newspaper. I close each strip with stick glue..this make the basket very resistant!   Step […]

DIY Gift Boxes
Settembre 21, 2016

  DIY boxes Difficulty Level: Low Time: 30 Minutes Equipment list required: -Magazine, Newspaper, Cardboard, Paper -Ruler or Bracket -Pen or Pencil -Scissors or Cutter I used the pages (quite thick) of an uncoated magazine. I also used newspaper, pasting three sheets with glue to make the box resistant. STEP 1: DRAW THE SQUARES Draw eight […]

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